WAITE PARK -- The Waite Park Police Department made history when they hired their first female police sergeant.

Becca Grosz was promoted to sergeant after spending the last three years as an investigator. The St. Joseph native says even as a kid she knew she wanted to be a police officer.

She says while she was aware of the history made by her promotion, to her it's business as usual.

I have always said I want to be just as good as my partners. If I'm not then I should not be getting hired or on the road with them. So I've always tried to do my best and be their equal.

Grosz began her career in Elk River coming out of college, before accepting a position as a patrol officer in Waite Park eight years ago.

Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud says Grosz has been a valuable addition to their team, and this promotion shows the dedication she's put into her career.

She earned the opportunity and has demonstrated she can clearly do the job and is very gifted at it. It was kind of a no brainer.

Grosz says looking forward to her next chapter in her career and the added responsibility that comes with it.

She says working in Waite Park has really helped her grow as an officer.

A lot of our officers take their cases from start to finish and you usually don't see that in larger agencies. Here I've worked in big felony cases and got convictions so I've gained that knowledge really early in my career.

While it's no secret law enforcement is typically a male dominated field, Grosz says her advice to other women wanting to be a police officer is to work hard and be your best.

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