WAITE PARK -- The Asteria Inn and Suites in Waite Park is open for business again.

During Tuesday's city council meeting, the council unanimously approved the renewal for the Asteria's Hotel License.

Last month, the council denied the request to renew the hotel's license as there was no plan to update the west side of the building, following the remodel of the east portion of the building.

At that time the property owner was unsure if he was going to demolish that side of the building or bring it up to code.

Waite Park Building Inspector Jeff Howe says since then, the property owner decided to make the necessary improvements to the west building and per inspection there is no outstanding violations to the property.

Howe adds they have also agreed to visit the property once a month to make sure things are up to code.

The hotel was closed back in June due to a number of violations including health and safety concerns.

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