WAITE PARK (WJON News) - Early returns have shown Waite Park's newest outdoor concert venue has been a great success.

The Ledge Amphitheater has been open for a year-and-a-half and completed their first full season this year.

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Facilities Manager Meredith Lyon says both concert goers, and the performers have shared what an incredible venue The Ledge is, and can't wait to return.

She says heading into next year, they are hoping to bring more national acts as well as scheduling more community events.

The 2021 season was abbreviated, we only had four concerts. This year we had 11 concerts and next year we are hoping to have about 14-15 concerts in addition to community events. To help fund those community events we have been discussing doing some sort of corporate sponsorship.

Lyon says they've had several local businesses reach out about sponsoring different community event out at The Ledge to fill in the calendar when the national acts are not in town.

As for the venue, City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says they will continue to look into making additional improvements.

She says with no bonding bill passing this legislative session, their plan is to go back to state lawmakers and request bonding money for phase II of the project.

I think we have some pieces of our project we would like to finish. In the west area we would like to put permanent restrooms and concession stands. We are also looking at building an overlook by the smaller quarry and possibly winterize some of those facilities to extend our season.

Waite Park was previously asking for $8 million to fund a phase II of the project, which also includes parking lot improvements.

Lyon says as of now GREAT Theatre and LEDGEtober are the only events scheduled for next year.

The 2023 concert schedule is expected to be announced sometime in January or February.


Waite Park Opens The Ledge Amphitheater

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