Verne Drive-In in Luverne, Minnesota teased they'll be showing the virtual Garth Brooks concert on June 27.

Garth Brooks announced he'll be hosting a virtual concert at 300 drive-in theaters across the country on one night only.

On Verne Drive-In's Facebook page Friday they wrote, "So...Garth Brooks?"

Naturally, the comment generated hundreds of reactions from Garth fans. The drive-in said they'll be showing the concert around 9 p.m. and again at 11:45 p.m. Many curious fans asked many questions which were answered by the drive-in.

Jason Bryan asked how the drive-in could show the concert twice when it was teased as a one night, one time only concert experience.

Verne Drive-In replied, "The production company realized after his interview on how a cluster it is going to be. They are allowing a 9 p.m. and 11:45 p.m. show on Saturday the 27th. That also goes for Sunday the 28th. We aren't sure if we are going to do the Sunday show yet."

Tickets are $100 for a carload of up to six people maximum.

Landgraff MT wrote, "Tickets seem a little steep, considering the cost of a real live concert."

Verne Drive-In responded, "Ticketmaster is in charge. We are barely getting any proceeds and no say in what goes on with it."

Kim Thompson Klingenberg also expressed her concern about ticket prices, "I absolutely love Garth and all him and Trisha have done throughout this quarantine thing, but $100 a ticket is ridiculous!"

Verne Drive In responded, "...We have nothing to do with the tickets. We are in charge of food, making sure the beer garden is going well, and that everyone is having a fun and safe time!"

You can buy tickets through Ticketmaster. Tickets go on sale June 19. Garth Brooks is expected to release the full list of drive-in theaters across North America that will be showing the concert sometime today.

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