The Minnesota Vikings make several appearances in the latest NFL Bad Lip Reading video.

One of my favorite Youtube channels is Bad Lip Reading. I've spent hours over the years laughing hysterically at bad lip readings of popular movies like The Hunger Games, political scenarios like Debate Night, and year recaps of the NFL.

The 2020 NFL Bad Lip Reading video was just released and -- as usual -- is filled with ridiculous and hilariously bizarre quips and quotes.

In one scene, Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady is voiced over in a huddle saying "Thanks for never trying to catch a ball. Guess you think the scoring just sort of happens. Ya'll are disgusting. Every one of ya'll cannot talk to me anymore."

In another, a referee making a call and gesturing with his hands says, "Your face is a face I've been avoiding for seven years. If I have to look back at it, I'll break down fo sho."

The Minnesota Vikings are featured in several scenes, including one where Stefon Diggs, Anthony Barr and Kirk Cousins discuss gophers.

Diggs: "I get the gopher tomorrow, and they're like really smart!

Barr: "Ay! You ain't gon' find your gopher!"

Cousins: "Yeaaah, I took it back to the garden..."

In another scene, former coach Kevin Stefanski is seen looking over a play sheet and saying, "Oh, gorgeous triplets with a good face! Triplets, triplets!"

Watch the video above and prepare to laugh at the NFL 2020 Bad Lip Reading!

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