Not even COVID-19 could stop the 2020-2021 NFL season or another hilarious video from Bad Lip Reading!

I've been a fan of the Bad Lip Reading Youtube channel since it first kicked off nine years ago. I remember nearly peeing my pants as I watched Peeta ask Katniss to give him a "good time" in The Hunger Games bad lip reading.

My wife and I have watched and re-watched the Bad Lip Reading of The Last Jedi "My Stick," laughing until our sides hurt.

From popular movies to politics to the NFL, Bad Lip Reading has covered some of the best material in pop culture over the years and been a continual source of entertainment and laughter. Now, with another season of football officially here, the Youtube channel has teamed up with the NFL for yet another ridiculous bad lip reading of football's finest moments, and the Minnesota Vikings are featured!

In one scene, quarterback Kirk Cousins can be seen walking off the field with an iPhone held out in front of him -- seemingly Facetiming someone after a game that just wrapped up. "Yeah, straight up ahead here, guys," he's lip-synced saying, "we got us a Squirtle" as if he's playing Pokemon Go. In another scene, Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen appears to be talking to some teammates and expressing his concern, "That donkey is in danger. Did you know it was on the field?" The sound of a donkey braying can be heard in the he continues, "Just listen!"

Do you have a favorite Bad Lip Reading video or series?

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Meet the 2020 Minnesota Vikings

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