Two Minnesota Vikings players competed last week in a rousing match of NFL all-star dodgeball.

This past Sunday, the best in the NFL met at Allegiant Field in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2022 Pro Bowl event. Representing the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Division were quarterback Kirk Cousins, running back Dalvin Cook, wide receiver Justin Jefferson, offensive linesman T Brian O'Neill and safety Harrison Smith.

Leading up to Sunday's game, Pro Bowl Week festivities included practice, opening night, a community day and a skills showdown. Last year, Cousins and Cook both competed together in a pair of 5-on-5 dodgeball matches, ultimately getting knocked out for a NFC defeat. This year around, Cousins and Jefferson joined an NFC team for seven vs seven for a game that would last nearly seven minutes.

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Three minutes in, Cousins found himself out after the ball he threw was deflected and caught by an opposing player. Jefferson, ultimately, proved to be the last man standing for team NFC in a one-on-one faceoff against Cleveland Browns' Nick Chubb. If an unlucky catch was Cousins' downfall, a lucky one-handed catch -- while wearing sunglasses and retreating from a missed throw -- was what won the game for Jefferson and the NFC team. Watch the whole match at the video link above.

Cousins also competed in a Thread the Needle QB passing contest, though his luck didn't improve. He scored 11 points for Team NFC compared to Team AFC's 12 (video below or here).

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