With Christmas on the way, a video of a purported Bigfoot sighting in Northern Minnesota Christmas of 2014 has resurfaced.

The video was posted by North by Wildwest on Youtube in 2016 but appears to originate from someone else. The title reads "Bigfoot Encounter on Christmas 2014 in Northern Minnesota."

In the home video, someone appears to be filming their family Christmas on a cell phone. People call out "Merry Christmas" as the camera pans across a room. As it reaches a window looking outside, a figure can be seen in the distance moving through the treeline. "What was that" someone off-camera asks as the person filming says "oh my god."

The video goes on for another four minutes as people go outside to investigate. Even the family dog seems to sense something and at one point chases it into the trees before racing back, barking in fear. The Bigfoot-like figure is seen again towards the end of the video.

What do you think -- real or hoax?

Something that's NOT a hoax -- spaghetti sundae!

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