A video shared to Facebook of eerie lights in the night sky has led to wild speculation of UFO's in Minnesota.

A video posted to popular viral video Facebook page Viral Hog shows what appears to be a circle of unmoving lights in the sky, leading to speculation of a UFO. The video's caption is simply:

What could have caused this light show over Minnesota? 😱

The man filming -- whose name is never mentioned -- is in a Walmart parking lot with his family. His two young kids ride in a shopping cart, and his wife also moves in and out of the video.

It begins with him saying, "I'm shooting a video of this in a Walmart parking lot, and it's a perfect circle with the lights around it in the parking lot. This [isn't] a fake video."

For 2:48 he continues to film the odd light display that seems to resemble a UFO. At the very end a woman off screen -- presumably his wife -- suggests an alternative -- Mystic Lake Casino. Watch the video and determine for yourself!

Speaking of creepy stuff, check out Mix 94.9's Youtube channel for some more bizarre content!

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