We're all waiting for the day when we can get into the car and drive to an outdoor movie theater. Minnesota is home to six left in the state. After the shelter in place order is lifted, many people may be turning to the drive-ins for safe social distance movie watching this summer.

Verne Drive-In located in Luverne, Minnesota has been patiently waiting to open it's doors. The welcome sign located on the outer edge of their facility, reads, "April showers bring May flowers ... and hopefully movies."

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They posted a photo of the message on their social media page which has gained hundreds of reactions from people who feel the same.

One commenter wrote, "Might have to review the way foods are sold. Could have food hawkers during break for somethings." The theater responded with, "We have a plan in place already."

The sign was posted just days after local law enforcement shut down a celebration of life event that was to be held at the theater. The deceased person's family reached out to Verne Drive-In in hopes to have a social distance service.

It looks like they're ready to open their doors, all that's left to do is get the green light from the state.

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