Painting.  It can be such a tedious job.  And there are areas that are really difficult to paint accurately.  And then there are areas that are straight-up challenging.  Like over staircases and walls that are extremely high.

How would you like this project... hope you aren't afraid of heights!  And talk about tedious, this one takes the cake.

The High Roller coaster at Valleyfair is getting a face-lift.  The coaster is getting a fresh coat of paint.  There was a discussion about changing the color of the iconic ride, but in the end, it was decided that it would remain the basic white that it always had been.  There had bee some suggestions to paint it black or a bright yellow.  It's staying white.

Apparently, this project will take about 1200 gallons of paint to complete.  And just think about all of the planks of wood, nooks and crannies and the like that needs to be painted.  Yikes!

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Scott Wagner, the guy who will oversee the painting project says it will take about 3-4 weeks to paint, and that is weather-contingent.


By the way, this roller coaster is 70 feet high.  Yeah, I for one would be asking to paint the lower parts of this thing.  Just wow!  Scary.  And, hauling all of that paint up there with you, and you certainly don't want to run out any time soon.  That's quite the hike to refill.

Remember, Valleyfair is scheduled to open this year on May 20th.  Mark your calendar!  Tickets and season passes are on sale now.  Follow the link to buy yours in advance.  

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