The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is asking all citizens to stop releasing balloons for the sake of wildlife. Balloon release ceremonies have long been a popular activity to do in memory of loved ones, but they are increasingly dangerous for birds and other animals. Released balloons look pretty floating away, but what happens after the helium wears off? Most end up in lakes, trees, power lines, and other water ways. Those deflated balloons then become dangerous to animals that mistake them for a food source, only to end up tangled in a mess, or unable to digest the latex and plastic they are made of.


A few alternative options to balloon releases would be:

  • Tree planting
  • Native butterfly releases
  • Sowing wild flower seeds for celebrations.

Let's dispose of our balloons responsibly and  leave the world in better shape than how we found it! Read the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service balloon release article here.

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