As far as NFL stadiums go, US Bank stadium is still the new kid on the block at just four years old. But age is just a number, and -- according to ESPN -- the Viking's home turf has a lot going for it overall.

With the recent launch of the NFL 2020-2021 season, ESPN ranked all current 28 NFL stadiums from best to worst. The formula: Atmosphere (20%), Features (20%), Traditions (15%), Tailgating (15%), Location (10%), Cost (10%) and History (10%).

Home of the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field ranked #1 overall including best atmosphere, traditions and history. Seattle Seahawks Centurylink Field ranked #2 followed by Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium (#3), Pittsburgh Steelers' Heinz Field (#4); and Minnesotans own US Bank Stadium rounding out the top 5.

US Bank Stadium 1

"The baby of the top five," writes ESPN, "U.S. Bank has already seen its share of memorable moments, including two name plays in the 'Minneapolis Miracle' and the 'Philly Special.'" ESPN also recognizes the "raucous" Skol chant, indoor/outdoor aesthetic and prime downtown location as contributing factors towards the "Purple Palace's" high ranking. ESPN goes on further with its praise.

"Age is just a number. While U.S. Bank is only 4 years old, its traditions, like the chill-inducing Skol clap, sounding of the Gjallarhorn prior to kickoff and the fire-breathing dragon tunnel that players run out of, make it worthy of being at the top of this list."

Photo by: David Black
Photo by: David Black

As far as why US Bank Stadium didn't rank higher, ESPN points to formula factors Tailgating (Tied for 20th) and Cost (19th) which both suffered pretty heavily. ESPN estimated a total cost of gameday experience per person (ticket, 12oz domestic beer, hot dog, and parking) at $237.03.

Overall, though, 5th best out of 28 NFL stadiums isn't a bad ranking at all, and we'll take it! See ESPN's full results -- including the worst NFL stadiums in the league -- here.

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