Just as I expected. They had a year to get it right, and its even more confusing than the original miniseries. The special effects are bad (anyone hear of Pixar at ABC), the plot is predictable, and the editing still bad. (If it rains blood, shouldn't everything be stained RED?)

The positives are very few.  I would stop watching if I wasn't so curious as to how they are going to separate themselves from the original 'V'. I do like most of the actors, if not all of them. Scott Wolf plays a great 'sleazy' media hound. Anna, the queen of the 'V' is a great representation of what the 'V' queen would be.

The shock of the night... the actress who played Diana in the original 'V' series is back!! She is playing Anna's mother in the new show. I can't figure out how they are incorperating her in to this 'V' as there is only one Earth, and the 'V' have never been here before.

It looks like they have me for one more week, maybe.

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