There is something about the holidays that makes me more emotional than ever and always very nostalgic. Which is why, while I was back home for Christmas at mom and dads, I had to ask them an obvious question.

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How is Maplelag after the fire back in October?

For anyone who missed it, back on October 10th, this beloved Minnesota resort in lakes country, located near Callaway, Minnesota had a terrible fire in the main lodge for the second time since I've been alive. It was devastating to say the least. Read a little more on it here.

Neither mom nor dad honestly knew fully the answer, other than they knew they were in a "rebuilding" stage. With that I went to research if they were even open. I mean on top of all the wonderful things they have offered, cross country skiing is one of them. Looking at their Facebook page there were a few good news updates.

Late November is when they began going through the remains of the fire to see if there was anything worth salvaging. They shared on their website a builder of the lodge and his crew went through and were;

pulling out any lumber and timers that did not burn that we had in inventory and also discovering a few signs that are salvageable.

Other great news they shared, was they are OPEN for cross country skiing and fat biking! Their trails are groomed and they even,

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have the Brant cabin for a warming area for day use. There are bathrooms, a living area with table to have snacks/lunch (BYO) and the bedroom on the main level can be used for changing in addition to the bathrooms.

Here's the full update from a month ago:

Can't even imagine how hard it has been to go through this second fire, but as always the community and lovers of Maplelag Resort continue with support and it was nice to see them being in as good of spirits as they are and already hosting high school meets and more. Day and Season passes still available if you want to show your support and get out and enjoy a Minnesota gem.

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May the new year continue with good news updates and hopefully word that a new Maplelag Resort Main Lodge will be rebuilt before we know it.

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