Listen, I love the Minnesota State Fair as much as the next Minnesotan...and that's exactly why I don't want to see the fair break attendance records this year. It's already super crowded. But, everyone I've talked to keeps hoping we break last year's record. If you're a true fair lover, you definitely don't want this to happen! Here's why.


1. There's nowhere to sit and eat your food. I hope you enjoy eating and walking. Walking and eating kind of feels like walking and texting...I mean you can do it, but you might face plant.

2. The bathroom line is insanely long. I went to the fair when I was pregnant during a record attendance year...and oh my lanta I'll never make that mistake again. Next time, I'll just wear a diaper.

3. Driving down Division Street during rush hour is faster than walking anywhere at the fair when you're on pace to break the attendance record. Yep, I said it.

4. Stroller rage is at an all time high...they'll run you over and make you feel like the jerk.

5. There's nowhere to sit. This deserves to be on here twice.

Fox 9 News just reported that even though the fair has had two record-breaking days, it's far below pace to break last year's record. But, apparently they're predicting a greater attendance is yet to come. Oh great.

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