I'm not sure I'd tell him this to his face for fear of him punching me, but McGregor's first pitch at Tuesday's Twins/Cubs game was downright awful.

The Minnesota Twins were in Chicago Tuesday night where they soundly stomped the Cubs at Wrigley Field 9-5. But it may be the first pitch of the game that people are still talking about...and not for good reason.

UFC star Connor McGregor was there to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, which proved to be downright awful. Wearing a tight blue-checked suit, he stepped up to the plate, wound up and let it fly...far to the right. The ball lobbed, striking a back wall and bouncing the opposite direction to the left of the strike zone. The catcher gets up and chases after it.

While a few have argued McGregor did it on purpose for publicity, most believe his pitch really was that bad.

The Daily Wire unabashedly added McGregor's horrendous first pitch to the "Worst First Pitch Club." That club -- by DW's reckoning -- includes the nation's top immunologist Dr. Fauci...

...rapper 50 Cent...

...NBA's greatest of all time Michael Jordan...

...and Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepson.

The Twins face the Cubs again Wednesday, September 22 at 6:40pm, and we can only hope that Conor McGregor isn't there to throw out the first pitch again (or maybe we do hope he is, so we can laugh at him again?).

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