Twitter just turned eight and to celebrate Twitter launched an app and website FIRST TWEET that let's you look up anybody's very first tweet. It's clear many people didn't have a clue how to tweet when it first launched.

Check out some celebrity's very first tweets...

Lindsay Lohan: "@SamanthaRonson Fly safe . . . love you." Ah, yes! Lindsay once had a girlfriend.

Katy Perry: "Just got into Berlin . . . feeling better thank you, have my Vicks inhaler by my bedside . . . and P.S. I Twitter! Gah. Such a follower!"

Justin Bieber: "Check out my single 'One Time' on MySpace and spread the word for me. Thanks." The Biebs goes on Twitter to promote MySpace, I know, what's that? (Sorry Justin Timberlake)

Ellen DeGeneres: "Tis my first twitt-er. Or Tweet? Twit? Or Tweet? 'Twit or Tweet everybody.' Is this anything?"

Taylor Swift: "Apologizing to a very needy cat for being gone so long." ???

Kourtney Kardashian: "OMG, what's going on here?? Trying to get into this."

Pink: "I have officially entered the 20th century. I mean the 21st." Did Pink somehow not realize you could still backspace on Twitter?

Lorde: "I think my fingernails are too short to be a member of the Twittersphere."

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