I never thought I'd see ticket prices this low for a Twins game, and I'M LOVING IT! According to the Star Tribune, the Minnesota Twins are going to start offering 'subscription' season tickets. Some people could get into a game for less than five bucks. You read that right...FIVE DOLLARS.


They're offering up a 79-game package for as low as $294 to get into the game without a seat. If you'd like a seat in the upper-deck it's $494 for all 79 games. The only downfall is, you'd be charged no matter how many games you go to. But, the good news is you can sell the tickets you don't use!

They bill you a monthly subscription fee whether you got to all 79 games or not. I'm LOVING THIS! I think that games should be more affordable like this so families can go to games. I appreciate the Twins' efforts to reduce concession stand prices and lower the ticket costs. This is a huge win for baseball fans!

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