The Minnesota Twins open their home season this afternoon against the Mariners at Target Field. Usually, the weather is cool, sunny and in the 60's. However, this year the home opener looks a lot more like hockey weather.

Fans will be trading their ice cream cones for hot chocolate and their ball caps for stalking caps this afternoon. The high temperature for the day is supposed to be 32 degrees.

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Earlier this week there were rumors that the home opener was likely going to be canceled after the downpour of snow Minnesota was hit with. But, the game is still on!

According to the Duluth Tribune, the coldest home game in Target Field history happened in 2014. It was only 31 degrees at the start of the game. Today's home opener is likely to beat that record.

The coldest day in major league history was April 23, 2013. It was a 23 degree game at Coors Field with the Braves and the Rockies.  There's a chance we could beat that record as well.

So, Twins fans--if you're headed to the game today, like I am, make sure to bundle up. If you're watching the game from home, you're a lot smarter than I am. Good luck to the Twins! Let's bring home a win for all of the fans that will be freezing their butts off today!

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