Is it illegal to use "furniture designed for interior use" outdoors? That would affect couch parties in the yard. What's a college student to do?

Is it still ok to build bookcases out of cinderblocks and boards? Can one sleep on a mattress directly on a bedroom floor?

According to the ordinance you cannot use, keep, or store upholstered furniture not manufactured for outdoor use in outdoor areas, on porches or patios, or other unenclosed structures where the furniture is visible from the public right of way.

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Does that mean that if I have a fence, and the public cannot see my couch next to the fire pit, that it is allowed under the new rules?

It also sounds like it's ok to leave your recliner out for the garbage man, assuming he actually picks it up. Apparently, you can also set it out with a For Sale sign (but only for four days in a six-month period).

Can I sit on my couch in the front yard during a house party if I put a For Sale sign on it (assuming the party lasts for no more than four days)?

Your first run-in with the couch police will get you a warning. Your second offense will cost you $100 (which would have been better spent on some nice outdoor furniture). Consider yourself warned.

Can I lawfully use my lawn chairs indoors? Just asking for a friend.

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