Clint Eastwood (Gus) as an actor once again, haven't seen that in an ice age, last film Clint acted in was, 'Gran Torino' in 2008. Might add first acting role that he didn't even direct since, "In The Line of Fire'.

A one time baseball scout for the Atlanta Braves back in his twilight years relives his past for one last hurrah and takes his daughter played by Amy Adams (Mickey) along for the ride in, 'Trouble With The Curve'.

Clint takes on  one last assignment to prove his worth to the organization, because frankly; they don't believe he has what it takes anymore to do the job at hand. John Goodman (Pete Klein) plays his boss/friend and really hates to see him leave gets Amy Adams to go along for the job

The heart warming story starts here as they have to work together to hunt for a new Prospect out in North Carolina. It takes a certain type of vision to make a good scout, and Clint has lost that so Mickey has to step up and take the lead

Eventually Justin Timberlake (Johnny) makes an appearance who is Clint's rival in the scouting business and one time ball player that was scouted by Clint and ,of course; he has a love interest for Amy.

Play Ball as my brother Brett Martin will review the film for you before you go ( Brett Martin is a long-time member of the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association). He has interviewed nearly every A-list movie star in the past 10 years).