I'm thinking "Total Recall" will do quite well at the box office, but Recall co-star Jessica Biel wasn't referring to that movie when she said if the role is right, she'd be willing to do a nude scene.

She has broken us in already as a nude dancer in the film,"Powder Blue" back in 2009,  a movie in which went straight to DVD and the nude scenes went straight to the internet.


Either way you  look at it, it's a far cry from the TV show, "7th Heaven." Now even though "Powder Blue" was  a major flop, to  take her quote from The British tabloid The Sun, "I did 'Powder Blue' because I thought it was a powerful story. It's too bad that that film was never released in the theaters and all you see is what was put up on YouTube."

Emma Watson has been rumored to star in the film,"Fifty Shades of Grey", but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of maybe seeing Jessica instead.

Jessica also said, "If it's a good film and a good role and it makes sense for the character, I wouldn't mind doing nudity. You just want to be doing something where the nudity doesn't detract from the story and overshadows the rest of your work in the film."

"Total Recall" starts Aug 3rd,2012 starring Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell.


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