With a new school year comes new fears and challenges. What are some of the top challenges for parents?

Being a parents is one of the most difficult things to do. It's also the most important and parents face several challenges each day. A news organization out of the U.K., King's Lynn teamed up with a diaper company and took a survey of some parents and here's what they had to say.

Almost one third of moms said that their biggest challenges came when their children were in their pre-kindergarten years and they worried that things were only going to get more difficult as their children got older.

The first day of school is one thing I hear some of my friends with kids talk about. Getting the kids into a new routine and calming their fears of what it's going to be like, will they make friends, who will they sit with at lunch, homework, tests and bullies are just a few things that come with a new school year.

Some parents were worried about how to give their kids what they want without spoiling them rotten. They also voiced concerns about how much computer time their kids should have, how to police them on the Internet and getting them to put down the video game controller.

Potty training, sibling rivalry, juggling day care and schedules are some of the other things that cropped up. Sleepless nights, tantrums, being patient with their kids, keeping up with the chores and making sure their children are getting the proper nutrition round out the top five.

Do you agree with this list? Did they miss anything?

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