We all dream of hitting the lottery big someday, owning the Minnesota Twins and vacationing in Florida all winter. It's the American dream. Imagine never having to work again in your life, only if you want to. That sounds amazing. But, it's reality for a few Minnesotans right here in our own backyard. So, who are they? According to the site Trip Savvy there are actually billionaires in the land of 10,000 lakes.


*Net worth as of 2017 according to Trip Savvy

1. Whitney MacMillan, CEO of Cargill ($5.4 billion)

2. Stanley Hubbard, CEO Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. ($2.2 billion)

3. Glen Taylor, Chairman of Taylor Corp. ($1.83 billion)

4. William Austin, Founder of Starkey Hearing Technologies ($1.45 billion)

5. Martha MacMIllan, inerited 2 percent stake in Cargill Inc. ($1.2 billion)

Even if we hit the lottery jackpot, the sum wouldn't even come close to that of the wealthiest people in Minnesota. But, that's OK. Who needs a billion dollars anyway. I can be just as happy on a hot Minnesota summer day sitting on a pontoon with a drink in my hand. That's true wealth! But, if anyone wants to give me a billion dollars, I won't say no.

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