It's getting down to the wire! Only 19 days until Halloween, and even less until the weekend before Halloween when all the costume parties will be happening!

I am still trying to decide what to be. It's a tough decision! Do I fly solo? Do I plan a two person costume with a friend? It's all so stressful.

Here is a list of this year's top trending Halloween costumes!

10. Emojis - really any emoji will do! People will be begging for selfies with you they can tweet out, with that emoji! Get yours here!

9. Pikachu - Still running on the Pokemon Go craze of the summer, Pikachu (or any Pokemon) will be a huge hit! Get yours here! 

8. Deadpool - The movie that came out last February was a huge hit! Naturally there will be a few wise cracking Deadpools at the party! Join in and get your suit here! 

7. Orange is the New Black - This is a great idea because it can be a solo, couple or group costume! Everyone just chooses their favorite character! Pick up your prison garb here! 

6. Tina (Bob's Burgers) - Everyone loves Tina Belcher. We all relate to her awkward boy troubles and desire to fit in. Channel your inner Tina and get the costume here!

5. Bob (Bob's Burgers) - A big year for the Bob's Burgers team! Bob Belcher is probably the easiest character to dress up as, a thick black mustache and a white chef apron will do the trick! Get the costume here! 

4. Ghostbusters - Again another great group or solo costume! The only downside will be everyone asking "who you gunna call?" all night long. If you're up for that, pick up your costume here!

3. The Joker - No denying that Suicide Squad was the hit of the summer!  Chances are good you'll run into a few Jared Leto style jokers come Halloween. Join in on the fun here!

2. Harley Quinn - One of my Facebook friends decided to make a drinking game out of all the Harley Quinns he will see on Halloween - take a shot for every one you see and have a good excuse to leave the party early! If you want to prove yourself to be the best Harley Quinn of the night get your costumer here!  

1. Donald or Hillary - A great solo or couple costume! The big head version is my favorite! Get your giant mask here!

What are you going to dress up as? I am cool with anything as long as it isn't a creepy clown! Let me know in the comments below!