On TikTok, a man went viral sharing his "genius" hack that he swears can expose a cheating partner.

Daniel Hentschel, who has 1.2 million followers on the app, explained his hack starts with purchasing a "used water bottle from Goodwill" or any thrift store.

The water bottle should look like it "could theoretically belong to anyone," and the trick should work if your partner thinks "you think it's theirs."

"Pretend to discover it in their car. Use this exact phrasing: 'Here's your water bottle.' If they have nothing to hide, they'll say, 'That's not mine, I don't know whose that is'. They admit they don't know whose it is because you've made them feel like you trust them," Hentschel explained.

"But if they are cheating, they'll go along with you and pretend it's theirs," he added.

Watch the viral TikTok below:

In the comments, users applauded the TikToker for his "genius" hack.

"I’ve actually done this before multiple times and it works," one person wrote.

"Why is this one low key super good," another marveled.

"Rock solid, not even joking. This is genius," someone else commented.

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"This happened to me with a pair of glasses and when I gave them to him he started crying," another viewer shared.

Others, however, questioned the effectiveness of the hack.

"No cause I have a problem with collecting bottles so I’d definitely take the free bottle," one user commented.

"I'd say 'Thank you so much' only because I have memory issues and I probably just forgot I owned a water bottle," another shared.

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