Halloween will be here before you know it.   Have you picked up a costume yet?

This is one of my favorite holidays, because I love any excuse to dress up and act like an idiot.

When it comes to selecting costumes, I try to go with something that I think no one else will be wearing.  Most of my costumes are self assembled.  Like the Gilly costume.

I had an amazing response to this outfit.  People either had no idea what I was or they totally got it.  No grey area.  The ones who got it, LOVED it.  This is probably one of my most successful costumes to date.  I had people asking to take pictures with me all night.  In fact, the next day my face was sore from trying to make the Gilly look.

Lucy Black / Townsquare Media
Lucy Black / Townsquare Media

This costume was pretty cheap to put together.  I bought material, a dress pattern, a giant bow and a wig.  My mother sewed the dress (we modified an adult jumper to make it look like a little girl's dress), then I sculpted the wig with a pair of scissors to give it more of a bulbous look.

Stay tuned for more DIY costume ideas!

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