Our guys found another Victory and gave us more to be thankful for on Thanksgiving a current 9-2 record!! I'll admit I get excited and animated when watching a game, my friends often think of me as the entertainment. But nothing compares I feel to how great one particular fan is when it's game day.

By now if you haven't seen the great Minnesota Vikings fan Jackie, I have to say you've been missing out. After discovering her reaction a few weeks ago to the win over the Buffalo Bills, I can't stop watching them. In case you missed that one...here you go with that first. (be warned there's cussing...quite a bit, haha)

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How she reacts is all too real and what many fans are probably thinking, but not vocalizing as well as she does.

First you'll notice, she loves her bloody beers, never see her without one when watching the games. Second, you'll get a kick out of her reactions and responses. With some of the words coming out...maybe not being so safe for young ears or someone who is easily offended by a cuss word. Third, you might wonder "why is she watching in the kitchen on such a small TV". If you asked that,  you clearly aren't the only  one, because there's actually a TikTok with the answer:

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Lastly, she is usually wearing Vikings jersey #18, for her boy Justin Jefferson. But before the game on Thanksgiving, she got an early Christmas gift...

So now that you feel like you might now Jackie a little bit. You're probably wondering...but what was her latest reaction to the Minnesota Vikings win on Thanksgiving against the New England Patriots. Again she was colorful and her reactions are honestly the best, see for yourself:

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She is officially the only reason I am currently on TikTok and she is always good for a pick me up. Never change Jackie and keep on cheering our boys and I pray one day you get to meet some of them...because if anyone should, it should be you! SKOL

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