If you've ever used a map before, you know there are two types of maps -- helpful maps and unhelpful maps.

Shortly after the MN State Fair announced their new foods for the 2018 season, a thoughtful Minnesotan known only by their Reddit username Applesaucesome created a helpful map to find all 27 new foods at the Fairgrounds.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

"I thought I'd make a Google map to navigate to all the new foods since the mobile app is utterly useless," he goes on to say. "I tried to place markers as close as I could based on the locations that the state fair showed in their listing. When you open a marker and view it's info it should have a description of the new food item(s)."

Fellow Minnesotans have expressed overwhelming support and thanks for the map, agreeing that the one on the State Fair's app is awful.

"Wow thank you for doing this! the state fair app has always infuriated me when trying to use it. you’re awesome!!!"

"Seriously, so much better than that terrible app!"

"Will you please go work for the fair in their mobile app department? I hate their food finder. This is awesome."

Planning on attending Minnesota's Great Get-Together? Make sure you take a copy of this map with you! Not sure what this year's new State Fair foods are? Check them all out here!

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