Inver Grove Heights has a new, unwelcome, visitor. There happens to be a goat on the loose wandering through people's yards and peeping into windows. An Inver Grove Heights neighborhood Facebook page was what originally brought this furry creature to the attention of local authorities. At the moment the police do not know who this goat belongs to, or how he got to the area. What they do know is that he has white fur, horns, and "goat-ee". Thepolice deptartment posted on Facebook saying:

We've been talking with folks about where we'll secure him once captured. We need to get this billy goat gruff off of Inver Grove Heights bluffs.


I grew up outside of the city of Long Prairie. We often had random animals wandering through our property, and one time there was a goat that found his way to our front yard. We just let him do his thing, he ended up crossing the road and going onto the golf course. I can only hope he eventually found his way home. Good luck with your goat problem Inver Grove Heights!

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