ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- This is the Snowiest Winter on Record in St. Cloud

This will go into the record books as the snowiest winter on record in St. Cloud.  Keep in mind that the winter is defined as the three months of December, January and February.  During those three months, we've had about 55.6 inches of snow so far.

We'll likely add to that total Tuesday evening on this last day of the winter period.  We have a Winter Weather Advisory and are expected a few more inches of snow to fall after 9:00 p.m. and before midnight.

The previous snowiest winter period was 55.1 inches of snow which happened from December 1968 through February 1969.

Top 5 Snowiest Winters on Record in St. Cloud:
1).  55.6" - 2022-2023
2).  55.1" - 1968-1969
3).  54.6" - 1936-1937
4).  50.6" - 2013-2014
5).  49.4" - 1978-1979

In December of this season, we had 22.5 inches of snow, which was the 5th snowiest December on record.  Between December 13-17th we had 12.4 inches of snow which is the 20th biggest snow event on record in St. Cloud.

In January we had 18.6 inches of snow, which was the 10th snowiest January on record. Between January 3-5th we had 13.8 inches of snow, which is the 13th biggest snow event on record in St. Cloud

So far in February, we've had about 14.5 inches of snow, but we could add to that tonight before midnight Tuesday.  On February 22-23rd, we had 11.2 inches of snow. This is not one of the top 10 snowiest Februarys on record yet, but a couple of inches of snow late Tuesday night could push us into the top 10.

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Now for the entire season (October through May), we've had about 61 inches of snow so far.  We need another six inches or so to get into the top ten snowiest overall seasons on record.  (remember we got off to a slow start to the season with very little snow in November and early December).  The 4-6 inches of snow that are in the forecast for late Tuesday into Wednesday morning could push us into the top 10.

In the month of March, St. Cloud averages 8.2 inches of snow.  In the month of April, St. Cloud averages 3 inches of snow.  So, it is likely we'll climb up the list of top 10 snowiest seasons over the next several weeks.

Top 5 Snowiest Seasons in St. Cloud:
1).  87.9" - 1964-1965
2).  84.5" - 1936-1937
3).  82.0' - 1950-1951
4). 78.5" - 2012-2013
5). 75.5" - 1916-1917
75.5" - 2013-2014



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