November in Minnesota looks a lot different than it does in other places around the world. In Minnesota, we're tough, we're unique, we're different...but, we're all a little the same.

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1. We're all shocked at how dark it is at 5 p.m., but it happens every year.

2. We're all decorated for different holidays. Some of us are sporting Halloween still, some Minnesotans are rockin' the turkey thing and others have moved right on over to Christmas. It looks like the holidays puked all over central Minnesota.

3. Snow is the most controversial S word there is. Some people love it, some people hate it. If you get two people of the opposing snow views in the same room, forget it. It's worse than talking politics or religion.

4. If you really want to see a confused Minnesotan, ask them what side of the street you're allowed to park on. Winter parking restrictions are the most confusing thing.

5.  Every single day you're rooting for your meteorologist to fail. Listen, Sven, I know you keep saying that it's gonna be 10 below and snowy, but you've been wrong before. Let's hope history repeats itself!

6. At some point this month, you'll ask yourself why you even live here.

7. You'll make a grand announcement to everyone the day you decide to sport your winter coat for the first time. 'Guys, it finally happened today. I wore my winter coat.'

8.There's no comfortable temperature in your car. It's either way too cold or too dang hot.

9. You Google cheap flights to warmer places.

10. You call up summer and apologize for complaining about the heat.

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