I've been reflecting on high school a lot lately ever since one of my former teachers posted on Facebook about retiring a traveling trophy we had in my AP psychology class. Each year Apollo and Tech competed to get the highest collective score on our AP psychology test to win the Philip Zimbardo traveling trophy...it was kind of an inside joke. I realized it's been eight years since I graduated high school! I'm officially getting old.

Anyway...We all think we're pretty cool kids in high school until we're out of it and we look back at our weird hairstyles, clothes, attitudes, work ethics, etc.

Ashli Overlund--senior picture

I always thought that someday I'd look back at my Apollo High School experience and be embarrassed about my clothes or my braces...but, that's not my biggest area of embarrassment.

Now, thanks to Facebook I'm reminded of how awkward my high school years were. The most embarrassing thing about high school for me was definitely the fact that I was a classic over-sharerer. I pretty much posted every detail about my life on Facebook--the boring, the juicy and the like.

Ashli Overlund

Now, Facebook memories constantly reminds me of all of the stuff I used to share with the public, everyday. It's actually pretty horrifying. I can't believe I was so dramatic. I'd write very ambiguous posts about my relationships and my friends. I used to talk in third person--as in, 'Ashli Gerdes is going to the gym.' I'd constantly make sad music lyrics my Facebook status and I'd write out a very boring agenda of my day so as people would know how busy I was.

Ashli Overlund

It's safe to say I get a good laugh every now and then when I read them which is always accompanied by a red face.

Ashli Overlund

This is a good lesson for high school students to be careful about what you share on the internet. It will haunt you into adulthood. What embarrasses you the most about high school now looking back?