It's my birthday month, and I'm dreading it. I turn 28 on August 30...When you get to be my age birthdays aren't as fun. Last year on my birthday we asked listeners to call in, cheer me up and gift me with a few pieces of advice as I headed into my 27th year.The last year has gone by very fast, but the advice is still good and true! Here's what they had to say;

  • If you don’t have the money in the bank, don’t buy it.
  • Do whatever it takes to make your marriage work.
  • Do what you can to stay healthy.
  • Stay a kid at heart.
  • Create the memories
  • Enjoy being 27 years old and skinny–you start to pack it on at 30 and 40.
  • Be happy with who you are, you can’t expect someone else to make you happy.
  • Look both ways before you cross the street. (Thanks for the advice, Pete Hanson)

The older I get, the more true these little nuggets of advice are. Is there anything you think I should add to my life advice list?

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