Don't forget your Minnesota State Fair BINGO board this year!

A BINGO board shared to the Minnesota sub-reddit has hilariously captured the best of Minnesota's 2019 stereotypes you're likely to spot at the Minnesota State Fair this year.

Spaces include typical State Fair cliches like "double stroller," "run into someone you know," "marching band" and "collision on the Giant Slide." Some of the funnier BINGO spaces include Minnesota-specific cliches and stereotypes like "Prince apparel," "MN-shaped tattoo," the word "SKOL," a "St. Thomas tote bag," "craft brewery apparel" and even "Packer's apparel."

u/Hans_von_Arnim via reddit
u/Hans_von_Arnim via reddit

Comments on reddit are equally hilarious.

"Isn’t drinking before noon the point of the State Fair?" asks one person.

"Is this a blackout bingo? Seems way too easy," comments another.

"Double fisting turkey legs or deep fried ice cream. Bonus if they are on a mobility scooter with oxygen supply," jokes a third.

The Minnesota State Fair runs August 22 through Labor Day, September 2 this year.

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