Over the holidays my family likes to get lottery tickets or scratch-off tickets while we play games together. The thing is - my adult kids really don't know how to play, and after almost missing a $100 dollar ticket winner, it might be time to go over some of the details.

With all the big jackpots up for grabs right now, I'm sure there are many inexperienced lotto ticket buyers out there that don't know the proper way to double-check their lottery tickets before discarding them. You might think you're an expert at double-checking; but I've got a very important piece of advice for you before you walk away and let a Clerk throw away your supposed non-winning tickets.

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I usually check my lottery tickets on my own by going to I bring them to a retailer to scan and double check them before discarding.

I highly recommend you do this because I know too many people that have actually won when they thought their tickets were duds, like my son.

Now, I've come across another piece of information that really makes me think. I've probably already won a million dollars but didn't do my double-checking the right way.


When you bring your Mega Millions and Powerball tickets to the retailer, make sure they are not just  "Scanning" them. This is what most retailers do; It's probably quick and easy, but many times the scan says you have a non-winning ticket when you actually have a winner.

The proper way to check your tickets is to have the Clerk put your ticket IN THE MACHINE. There is a slot on the top, in which they can run the ticket through, and it will actually print on your tickets, whether or not you are a winner. This way; you are really making sure your tickets are superstars or duds.


If the Clerk says they don't know what you're talking about, find a different location to check your tickets that DOES know what they're doing. Most people are good...but this is just too easy for some people to take advantage of someone.


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