Midwesterners are proud folks, perhaps almost as proud as Minnesotans.

So when I discovered these Midwestern Motto Greeting Cards by artist/designer Beth Allison, I knew I couldn't keep this find to myself.

With clever quips like "Gadzooks," "Honest to Pete," and "Ya Don't Say," they perfectly encompass the innocent hilarity of us Midwesterners.


My wife loves kitschy cards like these; I could see her stocking up for any number of events and occasions including weddings, birthdays, thank yous, and just-becauses. The complete for all five cards costs just $11.95 -- not bad compared to what you'd pay for a single card at Target or Hallmark!

If we're lucky, maybe Beth Allison will even add a "Yah, Sure, You Betcha" or "Uffda" card just for us Minnesotans!

Check out these awesome Midwestern Motto Greeting Cards -- and upcoming coloring book and puzzle -- at HeartFiveRainbow.com!