I'm not one to complain about gifts that I'm so fortunate enough to receive. But, if we are gonna talk about bad Valentine's Day gifts...one does come to mind.

When I was in high school I had a boyfriend whom I'd been casually seeing for a month or two. Neither of us had thought to ask the other one if we were doing gifts. So, in all fairness to him, it wasn't really his fault. When the day came, I made sure to have something to give him just in case he had something for me. I had a very small box of chocolates for him as I had just started my first job and didn't have a lot of money.


As it turns out, he had nothing to give me, not even a homemade card. But, somehow he found out I had a gift for him. So, I gave him his gift and he pretended like he had something for me too, even though we both knew he didn't.

It was the last period of the day and our student council was selling rejected roses over the lunch hour. I called them rejected roses because they were the leftovers from the batch that they delivered to homeroom classes from secret admirers that morning. You could have purchased a rose for $1 and the student council would deliver it to your secret admirer's homeroom. During the lunch hour the leftover flowers were sold at a discount so that the school didn't get stuck with a bunch of them.

My boyfriend at he time bought the last rose left during lunch, which was wilted over with a broken stem and looked sad. He ran up to me and handed me the flower before I left for the day. Things seemed to not really work out after that...and not because of the bad Valentine's gift either.

What's the worst Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?


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