Last night was a disappointing loss for Minnesota Vikings fans--especially the ones who've followed the team their whole lives. I understand that we all had high hopes for the Viks, but we all have something to be proud of today.

The Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater to injury two years ago. Vikings fans all panicked thinking that our hopes and dreams were over. But, Case Keenum stepped up and gave us something to hope for again.


Our team really started to work together like a great team for the first time in a long time. You could tell they all had great trust in each other. The kind of trust that breeds miracles, like the one we saw against the New Orleans Saints.

We had some great moments this year, we overcame huge obstacles and we made it farther than most thought we would. For awhile, we were the talk of the nation. Today, we need to be proud of our team and support them. It wasn't our year, but it was still an awesome ride that brought the community together.

Let's thank the Vikings for giving us something to be positive about, talk to each other about and bond over this year. I'm proud of the Vikings and our great state. By the way, baseball season is right around the corner--AND the 2018 Twins Winter Caravan is tonight!

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