Thanksgiving is on it's way and we're here for it! Everyone has a favorite side dish that they look forward to all year long. Did you know your favorite side says a lot about your personality? This year at your feast, pay attention to what everyone is eating. It says a lot about who they are as a person...all in fun of course.

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Bread/rolls/biscuits (the whole carb family): You're a thrill seeker. You're the person at the table telling all of the stories from your crazy adventures. You've got a very unique perspective. You don't bother yourself with worry about the're after the rewards and living life to its fullest. You're probably also the fun uncle or aunt. Everyone wants to sit next to you.

Mashed potatoes: You're a basic Minnesotan...really, that's Minnesota's favorite side dish. You're all about comfort and tradition. You're also a little impatient. You're the person who shows up ready to eat. You get very bothered when dinner isn't ready upon your arrival.

Green Bean Casserole: You're a goody good with a dark side. Like, you're the person who eats healthy, drinks the right amount of water you're supposed to, you work out...but, you do enjoy chocolate when no one is looking...among other things. You totally peek at your Christmas gifts early. Everyone knows it. a

Cranberry Sauce: You're a very old soul...literally, you're probably a grandparent. You've got a giant heart, grit and you're tough as nails. You are also the most likely one at the table to feel comfortable sharing your political and religious views.

Sweet potato: You're all about self development and discipline. You probably have a vision board, you're successful at whatever you put your mind to and you know all about Tony Robbins. Chances are, you're not going to be eating any pie. You also definitely dressed up for the occasion.

Corn: You are a little Eeyore. You're a glass half empty kind of person. You're constantly calculating the cost of everything and very aware of your losses. Your family still loves you even though you can be a negative nelly.

Stuffing: You're a visionary but no one would know it by just looking at you. You work with your hands a lot and you're good at solving puzzles. You're very smart but you're also a little shy and reserved. You know it's what's on the inside that counts.

Mac N Cheese: You're a kid at heart and a picky eater at that. You can also be a little emotional. You don't like being grown up, you fit in more with the kids table...mostly because no one will talk politics there.


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