Our "Question of the morning" today was...What is your excuse for being late for work this morning?

Yes...It's back to work for most of us...Which makes anyfFirework watching festivities hard for those who need to wak up early..like me. I feel bad, because Tanner, my middle boy, LOVES fireworks. He loves them so much he wants Fireworks for his birthday in September.

I don't know why I didn't take him, because there was no sleeping, with my dog going crazy listening to all the huge fireworks explosions that were happening in cities all around us.

I could have called in tired.right? WRONG!  This morning my question was answered by listeners; what's the best excuse for being late for work this morning?

Amanda takes the cake:

"My new dog busted his brand new kennel while racked with anxiety, so I gotta go buy a new one...."   EXCUSED!

Other excuses include:

  • You're not a morning person. Or an afternoon person. Or an evening person. Basically, you're not a person.
  • You're keeping the found father spirit alive by being non employed.
  • The fourth of July party you attended is still going on.