Where can you get the most bang for your buck in Minnesota? Based on this list you need to head north. Homesnacks.com has compiled the data and found the most affordable places to live in Minnesota for 2021.

After crunching data from the US Census in terms of median housing costs, median income, and overall cost of living for cities with over 5,000 residents, Hibbing is the cheapest.

1. Hibbing - Home of the Greyhound Bus Museum and the Iron Range, Hibbing is up from the #2 spot last year and claiming the title of "Most Affordable Place to Live in Minnesota" for 2021. Town residents earn a median income of $49,009 and pay a median home price of $109,800.

2. New Ulm - Known for the Herman the German monument, and the Schell Museum of Brewing, New Ulm was ranked the second most affordable place to live in Minnesota. The median income in New Ulm is $61,597 and the median home price is $141,300.

3. Montevideo -  Montevideo is a small town dominated by farmland and prairies and located where the Minnesota and Chippewa Rivers come together. Homes in Montevideo are the cheapest in Minnesota, with a median price tag of $87,700. With residents earning a median income of $46,781, they pay the smallest proportion of their income toward homes of anywhere in the state.

4. Kasson - Just a short drive from New Ulm, Kasson's city area is made up of only three square miles. Home prices in Kasson are a bit steep at $180,300, but residents are paid correspondingly higher salaries, with a city-wide median income of $76,231.

5. Crookston - Home to the University of Minnesota Crookston, it is known as a "commuter town" for the Grand Forks area. The median home price in Crookston is $130,200 and the median income is $55,473 making it a super affordable place to call home.

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6. Fairmont - Fairmont moved up in the ranks from 2020 from 9th place to 6th place this year. The median home price in Fairmont is $123,700 and the median income is $47,876, making living on the southern border of the state really affordable.

7. North Branch - A quick 45-minute drive to Minneapolis, North Branch is the perfect place to set up if you want the cities lifestyle, but the outskirts affordability. The town has a median household income of $79,826, with the median house value being $191,400.

8. Litchfield - Litchfield cracked the top 10 for 2021 (previously ranked 12th). The city had a 1.3% unemployment rate at the time these findings were published, and a median household income of $56,941. A house won't set you back too far either, with a median price of $136,200.

9. International Falls - Outlined by the Rainy River and home of Smokey Bear Park, International Falls is again on the top 10 list of affordable places to live. The second least expensive homes in the state are in International Falls, the median home price is $88,200, and residents have a median income of $45,208.

10. Byron - Moving up three spots from 13th to 10th, Byron is making a name for itself as a cheap and great place to live. Located just west of Rochester, the median household income in this city is $94,153, and the median home cost is $218,400.

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