The internet is full of wild conspiracies. Lizard people? Deep state? Bon Jovi is a real band? Ah, the internet: the digital Wild West.

One conspiracy that's picking up steam - and has "happened" twice - is the allegation that the is NFL taking a page out of pro wrestling and scripting its season. Oh no!

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The Super Bowl Logo Conspiracy

The conspiracy is this: the main colors of the big game's logo matches the main colors of the teams playing...but the logo is released loooong before the playoffs.

Exhibit A: Super Bowl LVI

SoFi Stadium Prepares Super Bowl LVI
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The colors for Super Bowl LVI were shades of red and yellow. The teams who played that year? The Los Angeles Rams (team colors are blue and YELLOW) and the Cincinnati Bengals (team colors are RED and black).

Exhibit B: Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Super Bowl LVII colors were shades of red and green. Did they bother to call legendary Canadian comedian Red Green? No, they did not. The teams competing that year? The Kansas City Chiefs (main team color: RED) and the Philadelphia Eagles (main team color: GREEN).

Exhibit C (pending): Super Bowl LVIII

The main colors for this year's big game are purple and red. Vikings fans got their hopes up at the beginning of the season, perhaps for a rematch of Super Bowl IV...but those hopes were soon dashed.

However, two of the four teams to have made the conference finals? The Baltimore Ravens (main team color: PURPLE) and the San Francisco 49ers (main team color: RED).

Is it a Conspiracy?

Probably not. It sure is fun, though, amirite?

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Thanks for playing your role so well, Coach! (Getty Images)

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