YESSS! I think we all saw this coming after what Arie did to poor Becca from Prior Lake, but she got her shining moment when she was announced as The Bachelorette for 2018! Not only was she announced as the lead, but her season started early when she got to meet a few of the men vying for her attention!

The first guy she met, Leslie, celebrated his birthday by being the first man she met, and said what was on America's mind by calling Arie a wanker with his adorable British accent.

Chase came out rocking a hairdo that was a cross between a greaser look and a baby mullet. But his intentions seemed to be coming from the right place.


The third guy came out playing a banjo and singing! What?! Brian could either be the cutest ever or super weird and creepy. We will have to wait and see!

Darius was VERY complimentary of Becca. He apologized on behalf of the male gender for how Arie treated her which was nice. He also made it clear that he was there for Becca, and only her.

There's always one that shows up with a horse. Always. Blake was that guy. His horse's name was Bradley. I'm hoping he is a genuine cowboy and didn't just borrow a horse to make a metaphor out of it.

The Bachelorette premiers on ABC may 28th. I can't wait!

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