With the nice weather we had this past weekend I was able to dawn my shorts and Crocs, (I can't get more Minnesotan) and go for a hike around the woods. All the fresh air had me thinking ahead to summer camping trips and there's good news to go along with that!
As of last Friday, the DNR made it so all campsites in state parks are  available for reservation! Last year about one third of all campsites were reserved for walk in visitors only, but starting early this may they are all available for booking. The hope with this is to boost state park camping. Same day reservations are also going to be available for people visiting on a whim, but for those of us that like to plan ahead this will make camping so much more enjoyable. I know I would be more inclined to pack up all the gear if I knew FOR SURE that there is a spot for me to stay.
You can make your campsite reservation here! Start planning and make the most of our gorgeous Minnesota summer, its just around the corner!

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