If you missed the Mixed Up Morning Show with Ashli & Dave-O today, here's what you missed...

We had a BIG...no, GRANDE contest announcement this morning. We want to fly you and a friend to Washington D.C. to see Ariana Grande live on March 25! You can enter the contest by clicking here!


We talked about this cheating spouse because it's national Divorce Day. Apparently this is the most common day to get divorced.

The Five Things You Need To Know today include; school related late starts for the day, Tim Walz is preparing to take oath to become governor of Minnesota, Fleet Farm is planning a major remodel project, the Timberwolves just fired their head coach Tom Thibodeau and the Minnesota Wild play in Montreal tonight.

It's also national I'm Not Going To Take It Day. We turned on our live mic on the Mix 94.9 Mobile App for you to share with us what you're fed up with. If it's Pam at the office, your secret is safe with us. We won't tell

Our Not So Fake News was definitely weird. A guy who got locked in a Burger King Bathroom is suing because he isn't getting the free fast food for life he was promised. An Australian guy was trying to kill a spider but things got out of hand and the cops were called. A 28-year-old Florida woman threw an adult sized tantrum because her parents wouldn't bring her to Outback Steakhouse. Now, she's in jail.

We sent Gretchen of Cold Spring to the Minnesota Zoo for correctly identifying our weird animal noise. Spoiler, rhinos make really weird sounds.

Our Dirty on 30 segment was full of d.r.a.m.a. Britney Spears has taken an indefinite work hiatus to help care for her dad. Ed Sheeran is headed back to court after being slapped with another plagiarism lawsuit and Demi Lovato was on Instagram blasting the social media site for a fat shaming game they've been promoting.

The Twins Caravan is coming to the River's Edge Convention Center on January 22nd. You can get your tickets from the Townsquare Media Studios.

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