PRN Newswire came out with a report that included a survey of registered dieticians that states low-fat, low-carb diets are out and that natural unprocessed, gluten-free type foods are in for the new year.

The trend by 51 percent of dieticians felt for consumers should choose natural, simple and minimally processed food, this is compared to last year (2012) where it showed 45 percent who thought the same thing. As you see the trend is on the rise for this this type diet.

For 2013 it is predicted by dieticians that the gluten-free diet will be the most popular trend in diets and could push into 2014. Not to take anything away from diet plans ,such as; Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers which still continue to carry a strong popularity for 2013.

Like most anything else diet plans will only work if you stick to them, once you take a break off the plans you put a damper into what the plan is basically designed to do. So once you start don't stop and however you structure you eating habits anything in moderation should be safe.