I never like hearing about closures of any restaurants or retail stores or whatever the business is. It starts to make me think of the economy and that it still needs some work.

I saw this story at the beginning of this week, and it just made me sad.  The Pannekoeken Huis, the last one in Minnesota which was located in St. Louis Park, has closed.  Last Sunday, the 25th, was the last day it was open.

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If you remember back in the 90s, Bakers Square closed and became a Pannekoeken Huis here in St. Cloud.  That also closed in not too long of a time.  They had a unique way of bringing your Pannekoeken to your table.  They would run through the restaurant yelling PANNEKOEKEN!!  It was a version of "gang way"!  They needed to get the puffy pancake to your table in the quickest way possible.  I think the reason was to get it to your table before it deflated.

There was another Pannekoeken Huis located in Rochester, but that one also closed a couple of years ago.

Not sure what the issue is, as they did have quite a few other things on the menu (obviously) and a great breakfast offering.

It's not clear why the restaurant closed in St. Louis Park, but the note on the door says this:

"It is with great gratitude, and heavy hearts that we announce the closing of Pannekoeken Huis after 25 years. 

"It is possible that our paths may cross again if we are able to find a new location that works for Pannekoeken. To you our extended family, we have been very blessed to have you as our customers for so long. It truly is a sad time that has arrived."

So, it sounds like the owner, Derek Moberg, has some hope of repopening again in a new location??  Stay tuned for that... if/when it happens.

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