We're not crying, you're crying!

It's shaping up to be a week of tributes for Joe Mauer who -- after 15 years with the Twins franchise -- has confirmed the end of his baseball career and time with his hometown team.

This week, the Minnesota Twins have been sharing various tributes to the former #7, including this collaboration of responses and well-wishes from the baseball community:

On "Transformation Tuesday" they shared this video of Mauer over his 15 years with the Twins:

And on "Wallpaper Wednesday" the Twins shared photos of Mauer and made them available to download as wallpaper backgrounds:

But perhaps the most moving tribute so far is a video put together by Mauer's former teammates and the Twins production crew. It takes video footage over the course of his career and overlays is with audio from his farewell speech. Try not to cry watching it.

"This is a very special place to me," Mauer shares, referring to his 15 years in Minnesota with the Twins, "and I'm proud to be able to wear one uniform."

We're proud to call you one of us, Joe.

For a video far less moving and possibly more difficult video to watch, check out Adam's first ever attempt at sports radio:

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